Monday, November 30, 2015

The Intergalactic SLUTS Action Figures are selling out!!

OMG! I Totally can't believe this!!!

Most Wanted Toy This Holiday Season: Adults Are Going Gaga For Intergalactic S.L.U.T.S.!

Mon, November 30, 2015 8:30am EST by Adult Toy News 
Crew of the Intergalactic S.L.U.T.S.

Forgot about Tickle Me Elmo! This modern take on the Star Trek/Wars Action figures is disappearing off toy store shelves everywhere — and adult figurine enthusiast are in a frenzy to find one!

Meet Captain Emily! She’s the newest toy causing hysteria this holiday season — just like the Tickle Me Elmo stampedes in 1996 and the Cabbage Patch Kids craze in the ’80s. The blonde-haired, anatomically correct doll is one of eighteen in Intergalactic SLUTS line and adults are going absolutely crazy trying to find one! Although a million of these $30 Intergalactic SLUTS were made by adult doll manufacturer FU Entertainment, they’re flying off the shelves and disappearing as fast as you can say… I'm cumming!
The Villains
Although there are nine other Intergalactic SLUTS action figures to choose from, including Mistress De Vil and One-eyed Larry, it seems that Intergalactic SLUTS are all the rage among the brand’s adult admirers! The doll is sold out in most adult figurine toy stores, including Toys ‘4’ Adults and on department store websites like Tits, Cuntmart, and Ballmart! The dolls are even going for as much as $99 on the internet, with Amazons and Ebay boosting their prices. So, how much are you willing to pay to make your Adult Figurine Enthusiast Christmas wish list complete?
The inflated black-market prices “really kind of bother me,” CEO Ilic Puzziez of  FU Entertainment told the New York Pole. “We want every adult to have one of these affordable dolls, especially in these economic times for Christmas.” She also thinks that the figurines uniform is the reason why it is the most popular among its fans. “It’s not completely nude nor clothed like most action figures,” she said.
Sex Slaves
The Intergalactic SLUTS web series started in June this year on the Miss Emily's blog and sites Naughty Machinima and Xvideos. The viewership was mostly Second Life adult machinima makers and quickly spread to other machinima makers, the series has transcended Second Life, machinima and porn to be a accepted as a "main stream erotic animated space series". Every young adult males dream, hot, near naked, bad ass women in outer space having lots of sex!!
Special Edition figures
What else makes these action figures so special? Each one is made after their unique character in the Intergalactic SLUTS web series! A 2nd version of the Lieutenant Release action figure come with it's own Jeweled Beginners Butt Plug and a 2nd version of Slave Rachel comes with it's head decapitated! Yes the series is a tad bit violent! Star Terk/ Game of Thrones/ Porn.
Good luck finding one to put under your tree next month! If you're still in the dark about who these dolls are go over to the Miss Emily website and get caught up on season 1. Season 2 is slated to start in April and sure to be an even bigger success than season 1 has been.
This could be the shot in the arm that Second life needs with it's dated graphics and dwindling usership. This is a hit! Hurry and get yours!

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