Thursday, May 19, 2016

Intergalactic SLUTS Behind the Scenes

The Sets

Season 2 Episode 1

It isn't very often a "porn" movie shows off there sets especially in Second Life but Intergalactic SLUTS isn't just a porn movie!!! To date the entire series has been filmed exclusively at Kobalt, Miss Emily's Studio homestead.

The homestead is very important because space station Isis Tempus (the Intergalactic SLUTS) is 120 meters in diameter by 240 meters tall, 12 decks and more than 27 rooms with a Universe around it 1024x1024 meters, big enough to give some space ships  room to fly in.

The Intergalactic was the origin of the series and main focus of season 1. Season 2 I'm putting more of focus on the sets not in the Intergalactic. The studio execs gave me a budget of L$10,000 to buy more sets and our sponsors are supplying me with props to fill them!!!

So lets take a look at the sets used in just the first Webisode of season 2 without giving away story line or the new cast members!!

Scene 1 & 2 use The Intergalactic SLUTS (Acronym for Space Lab United Tech Station).
Sets for scene 1:
The bridge of the Intergalactic SLUTS
Bridge, the green screen outside was up for exterior shots


Engineering includes the upper 1/2 f the reactor core

Lower reactor core

 Click "Read more" to see the rest of the ep 1 sets

Chief Engineers Quarters

Still Chief Engineers Quarters

Captains Quarters
Still Captains Quarters

Castle Sheschlong
The only set at the surface level
The first set I bought for Season 2
Bought this castle just for it's Grand Hall
 Those are the sets for episode/webisode 1 of season 2.
Next week episode/webisode 2 & 3 sets


  1. This is SOOOO cool! Thanks Emily for the sneak peak at what we have to look forward to. Can't wait for the first release!

  2. You have really done a wonderful job with your set, Miss

  3. Just totally amazing, can't wait to watch now season 2... Ooh damn it now going back to watch the first season yet again!!!

  4. Oh fabulous sets, Emily...This is surpassing itself in creativity and excellence; already a classic SL cult series :-)) My compliments:-)) I await with excitement as well:_))