Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sheschlong, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E2

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An erotic space adventure series, set 116 years in the future.

Lieutenant Release has a close encounter and probing. Lt. Commander Cedarbridge stays on top of things in command of the Intergalactic SLUTS. Queen Katrinova shows she is not one to be second guessed and orders Freckles to find the Princess and not return without her.

STARRING: Sandy Miggins, Zoey Winsmore, Erin Cedarbridge, Cream Release, Katina Cazalet, Marika Blaisdale and Racheal Rexen. 
FEATURING: Candy Kane, Katrinova, Moonie, Traci Quandry, Alisa Bedwell, Ali Fox and Brunella

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