Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sky Pirates

We did our first non ball riding, no nudity, no sex movie over the course of the last couple of weeks!! For the amount of time we spent on set we could of filmed 4 or 5 porn movies. But it was a nice change of pace to do something that wasn't completely sex driven, even though I kept wanting to get naked and Linda kept saying "Orgy!".

So here it is:
Scooby Mode's; Sky Pirates

Sky Pirates is about 3 of the best Sky Pirates in the world. 3 young adventurous pirates looking for treasure. while getting ambushed by other pirates! Emotional, funny, action packed, it's there.
STARRING: Scooby Mode, Liltxsmile, MissEmily23, Khalid Dubrovna, Plato Ninetails & Zonker Silversmith.

Click (Read more) to see some of the behind the scenes pictures I took!!

I think we posed for this 3 different days (this pose wasn't used)

Ready to fight

Zonkers is boarding our ship

Fight him Scoob

Think he wants to rape and pillage us

I killed khal (someone get us another blog contributor)

Poke him with my sword make sure he's dead

Cut his nose off

Linda killed Plato

Freaking scary!!

Two ships and we had to ride in the little one

That was just one day of filming, I didn't take pictures the other days. The movie was fun to do and offered many usual challenges, we were happy to be a part of it!!!

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